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Song Files Manually uploaded GONE....

Started by Moon Dog, September 22, 2018, 07:10:57 PM

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Moon Dog

Hey BandHelpers...
Hope you are all well and ready to jam this fall...its going to be awesome.
Thanks again Arlo for your genius and all you do for us. I am eternally grateful.

This happens periodically and I am curious if anyone else experiences this.
I manually sync three devices because I need the quality of .aif files for my show. These files are too large to be uploaded directly to the web servers. (Although as I have told Arlo in the past, I would happily pay for a premium service if I could do this...manual is such a pain in the arse.)

Well today I manually uploaded my new .aif file to my bandhelper app on my iPad via iTunes.
My new song is on my iPad in bandhelper.
I edit the song on my iPad and copy to my device manually adding the audio file to the song file, set the volume.
All is good...

So I practiced the new song a couple times setup some automation to play the song and scroll the lyrics, que some midi presets....all is good.
I went to practice the song again, and the audio file is gone..???WTH?

This has happened in the past. I don't know what does this but once in awhile songs just disappear.
I looked under recordings and its gone as if it was never is this possible?
But it was there, I played it....twice.

So I am back at my computer re-uploading the audio file again to my iPad.   
In the documents area of BandHelper in the apps area of iTunes, the song that I previously uploaded is gone.

One theory I have is my iPad I am working with synced with the song on the web which had not synced with my iPad and removed my copied to device manually song.

Thoughts? Anyone?
Moon Dog


If you submit a help ticket, and include relevant names, dates and times, I can check your sync history.

Please also clarify whether you're having a problem with a song (listed on the Repertoire > Songs page), a recording (listed on the Repertoire > Recordings page) or the audio file attached to a recording.