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REQ: Notebook frame/widget colour/background

Started by pheldal, October 12, 2018, 01:37:43 PM

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The notebook widget in layouts currently has two properties, label and colour. The label switch simply turns the visible label "notebook" on or off, but what is the colour-option for?  I can't see a trace of the colour specified there anywhere on screen. The label always has the same colour as most other UI-elements (blue), the note-text is rendered with colours as specified in the text and the background is transparent.

What I'm after is a possibility to change the background for the notebook-frame, or at least make it less transparent. I like to have important notes for each song visible on screen along with the text. Once I know the lyrics for a song fairly well I really only need the first two or three words on each line as a reminder to get me going, and I can thus use part of the screen to display the note on top of the lyrics. Currently notes floating on top of lyrics may be hard to read at times because the text behind is visible through the transparent notebook widget. It would improve things a lot if it was possible to set the background for the notebook-frame to a different and less transparent or solid colour.