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How to use external app to play audio on android ?

Started by zgildasz, October 03, 2018, 02:09:18 AM

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Hello, I wish to use USB recorder pro to play audio .wav files from et controlled by SLM, is it possible et how to do it please ?

Thanks for help.


You'd need to find out if that app can 1) play in the background and 2) be controlled by incoming MIDI messages. Then find out what messages trigger what functions in that app. Then you can enter those messages into Set List Maker. I can help with that last step.


Ok, thanks Arlo. I can be wrong but I think there's no android app who could be midi controlled, play in the background and read .wav files with the signal routed to usb audio.

Well, I will try what I've got in mind by using the audio from the tablet.


You might need to use one of the name-brand DAWs like Auria or Cubasis. I don't know what's available on what platform, though.


There's that app :

I'm using Audio evolution mobile and USB audio recorder pro from the same team, but nothing could be controlled by midi at this time.