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Holding out previous song

Started by Joe Waltemire, September 20, 2018, 10:09:41 PM

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Joe Waltemire

Hello there.  This is my first post.  I bought an ipad and setlistmaker recently so that I can select a song from a set list and have two keyboards switch to the correct patches and make my gigging much simpler.  I love it! 
But, I have a couple songs that I would like to be able to hold a chord with my hand (keyboard a) while I switch to the next song using setlist maker and not have the chord cut off because of the next song being selected with setlistmaker.  I'd like to hold the chord on one keyboard (a) and select the next song on my ipad.  Then, setlistmaker switches both keyboards to the next song but the chord I'm holding still plays until I let up while I start playing the intro to the next song on the other keyboard (b), and when I let up on the chord of the first keyboard (a), it has changed to the new song. Is this possible?
Thanks for any input,


Do you mean you want to send program changes to your two keyboards at different times ... one on song selection and one a few moments later, and both at a time that you manually trigger?

Joe Waltemire

I actually just want whatever keys I'm holding down when I trigger the next song to continue to play until I release my fingers from the keys instead of just cutting off when I trigger the next song. But, if there is a way to delay one keyboard from making the switch, that may actually work for what I want to do.


So you want your keyboard to continue playing its current notes with its current sounds while you change programs, then use the new program sounds when you release the keys and play again? That would be a function of the keyboard, and I don't know if any keyboard does that, but you could ask the manufacturer.

If you wanted to stagger the program changes so they're called at different times, you would have to move the program changes for the two keyboards into two separate MIDI presets and attach them both to your song. Then you could trigger one with a song selection and trigger the second one with a foot switch or a button on one of your keyboards or an automation track. If the timing is consistent, you could create an automation track that triggers the first preset when you select the song, then triggers the second preset after a specific delay. I'm concerned this wouldn't be practical if the timing for each song will change depending on what song precedes it. But since you only want to do this for a few songs, maybe that will work.


Did I see somewhere a delay before sending midi program changes?


You can put a delay between multiple program changes, but that's a global setting with a max of 2 seconds ... probably not useful if you need different timing for each song.