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Document users

Started by Wilhelm, October 05, 2018, 11:07:14 PM

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Hi Arlo,
If a new document is uploaded all users are selected.
Wouldn't it be better to select only the uploading user
by default, so no unwanted changes are made to the others.

In my band sometimes users forget to deselect the others.
This leads to some confusion if the document shows up to
the others.


Most bands don't need a separate document for each user, so all users is the default. (It's the opposite when attaching a document to an event or transaction; those have no users as the default and require you to explicitly select users.)


Hi Arlo,

Why not make it an option which is the default. That way it's dynamic and the end user can choose the default so issues like the OP won't happen?


The answer to "Why not make it an option" is that we don't want to introduce extra complexity (and the potential for confusion, or bugs) unless there's a clear demand for it.