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Song section by midi

Started by metamorfosis18, November 13, 2018, 06:28:57 AM

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Hi Arlo,  I asked about this about a year ago, I'll try to better explain what I mean:
1-Running tracks on Ableton sends an specific note or CC to SLM to navigate to sections.
2-This would be assigned globally, not on a song per song basis.
3- Song section names and midi assignments would be defined by user.

- Example: cc40 will always select a song section that has been named verse 1
                 cc41 will always select a song section that has been named Bridge
                 cc42 will always select a song section that has been named Chorus 1
You get the picture...
How would this be useful?
Well, people that use a software like Ableton to play tracks and send midi messages to change lyrics to softwares like Propresenter and proclaim, would have the option to have the song displayed on their personal device, jump (scroll) to a particular section, automated with the tracks, karaoke style.
So if the band leader decides to jump to particular song section, the rest of will know exactly where they're supposed to be.

Onsong does this, in case you want to check it out.
I hope I was clear enough this time, thanks.


Here's the earlier thread:,1868.msg7520.html#msg7520

I think it would be more practical to set this up based on marker numbers rather than names. Then it could work similarly to the remote control actions to select MIDI Preset 1-10, Document 1-10 or Recording 1-10. I could add something like Jump to Page (or Marker) 1-10. In contrast, if you did this based on marker names, you'd probably have to keep going back to the list to add new marker names as you encounter them (e.g., a song with two different bridges, or a song with a pre-chorus, or with a coda) and I imagine that getting pretty messy.

I can put that on my wish list.

Meanwhile, the next best thing is to add the Document Markers item to your layout, and then you can click the marker name to jump to that section of lyrics.