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Data sprawl on devices with limited storage

Started by endoverend, November 19, 2018, 08:29:05 AM

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I am a intermediate user Techie type.

I am upgrading my phone today so I needed to scrape all of the data off it and noticed that BH with mp3s in it takes up a huge amount of data space.
If I wanted to have recordings for all of my setlists fully populated in BH it will pretty much choke my phone leading to other issues such as not happy with the phone...

Solution: is there a way to sync BH without pulling any mp3s to the app on a phone? OR
- can we set up urls to the mp3 files (in google drive or on a nas) and be able to access the file when needed through the web?

I see the scenario of meeting a new band member, giving them the login to my account and then their phone gets overloaded with mp3s and dies on them as a possibility as well with them not happy with me.

What is the best approach?

FYI the new iPhone x Max is 64gb or a really expensive upgrade and I prefer to have all my stuff in the cloud anyways.


On the Settings > General Settings page, you can click Remove Downloaded Files, and turn off Auto-Download Files. Then when you want to play a recording, you can click its icon and BandHelper will prompt you to download just that recording.

When adding an account to a device, the Auto-Download Files option is on the login page, so you can turn that off from the start.

BTW, I see one account with your email address and its total size for recordings is 272 MB. So that's substantial, but probably won't matter much on a 64 GB phone. You can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage to see how much space each app and its data uses.