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can't share layout with my other band members

Started by Ralph, August 19, 2016, 09:16:26 AM

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I made a new layout and selected all members and it is active. now the other members can see the layout in there own bandhelper layout list. how can they select it so that they can select it in the setlist? I've tried everything but I can't get it to work.


Do their devices have the same screen size as yours? Layouts will only be available to select for the same screen size on which they were created. If needed, your bandmates can make a copy of the layout and edit it for their screen size and then use that copy.


Hi Arlo, they all have different iPhones 4,5,6 & 6+ so that would be the problem. I thought it was only the difference of apple and android . thanks for the response.


The new app versions released today include a Scalable option for layouts. If you turn this on, the layouts will appear on all devices (but only in the same orientation) and will scale to fit device screens if needed. If the screen doesn't have the same aspect ratio, there will be some extra space at the edges. But this allows you to use the same layout across different phone models.

Another new option is that when you copy a layout, you can choose to scale it to the current screen size. So you could create a layout on one phone model, then open it on another model and copy with scaling to get roughly the same layout, then edit the new layout on the new device to utilize any extra space resulting from a different aspect ratio.

You would probably not want to use the scaling options when going from a tablet to a phone or vice versa, because the buttons would either end up too small in the first case or too large in the second case.