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Unable to change setlist/event-relations from the Android-app

Started by pheldal, November 27, 2018, 01:49:32 PM

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I had multiple events associated to one setlist and wanted to use a different setlist for some of them, but found no way of doing this in android. From the web-interface it is easy to make the change by removing some events from a setlist and add them to the other. In the Android-app the event-list in the setlist-details first appear as an empty one-liner when there are multiple events associated with the list. Tapping the events-field bring up a list of events but all that can be done there is to add more events to the setlist (events that still have no setlist assigned). Approaching the information from the calendar/event-side of things doesn't work either. All that I seem able to do here is to tap the setlist-name to view or edit the list, when what I really want is to replace the setlist currently associated with the event with another.

I haven't opened a ticket yet. Checking here first, cause it may just be silly me missing something obvious.