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Wish List - auto re-connect bluetooth devices

Started by Zionplayer, January 19, 2019, 05:19:23 AM

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I am using Bandhelper as my command center for my band: songs, set lists, and midi control of lights and other devices. So efficient that it can serve all purposes! But I do have an ask that would make things a little more streamlined for me -

I have two bluetooth foot pedals and two bluetooth receivers in my setup, and each time I start Bandhelper I need to go to midi and 'connect' to these devices. Could Bandhelper either
1) automatically try once or twice to reconnect past devices, or
2) could there be some single, accessible button I could add to my layout to initiate a reconnect?

Is not bad they way it works now, but in the setup rush for the PA plus my gear, I sometimes don't think to go reconnect the devices until I try it and it doesn't work, then remember and go to midi, bluetooth devices, connect, etc...

Is interesting that these devices don't show up in my iPad bluetooth configuration until after Bandhelper hooks to them. So iPad doesn't remember them either...


The current functionality is provided as-is by iOS and does not include a reconnect capability. Adding this would require rewriting the functionality using lower-level frameworks. That's on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.


+1 vote for me ... using a Puc+ connected to my FCB1010

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+1 vote for me with Mi1 Bluetooth-Midi-Device


This now works in iOS 16 with supported MIDI products. I just tested it with a CME WIDI Master (Bluetooth MIDI interface) and it worked well. You can connect to the MIDI interface as usual in BandHelper's MIDI Status window, and if BandHelper or the MIDI interface restarts, it reconnects automatically. To pair the MIDI interface with another mobile device, you can forget the pairing from the iOS Settings app.

I don't know what this new capability is called or how to look for it in other products. Apple's documentation just says, "If the device supports pairing":

Hopefully this will become standard for new Bluetooth MIDI products from now on.


Thanks Arlo, I will test it with my Puc+ and report the result