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Sending Multiple Midi Messages

Started by riodanno, July 01, 2023, 03:15:59 PM

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Hi All -

In addition to sending program changes via setlist maker, I also change the banks (programs/Combi/Song List, etc) on my boards using hex codes. To get to the proper sound, sometimes I need to hit the midi send button multiple times to get to my programed sound moving from a sound in "program" to a sound in "combo". For example, I hit the midi button and then it will change banks, then I press the midi button again to get to the sound within the bank.  Is there a way to set it so once I hit the midi button, it automatically communicates all the changes with one touch?



You're talking about multiple MIDI messages within one MIDI preset, right? It sounds like you need to go to the Settings > Audio & MIDI page and adjust MIDI Preset Order and With Delay Between to send the parts of the MIDI preset in the desired order and/or add some delay so the receiving device has time to process each part.