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Bandhelper Control with BlueBoard and BlueTurn

Started by Franjo, January 21, 2019, 10:30:55 PM

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Is it possible to control bandhelpers at the same time as iRig BlueBoard and BlueTurn?
I need several features, such as

Page up/down with BlueTurn and
Next/Previous Song
Full screen on/off
audio on/off with BlueBoard

But the BlueBoard is not enough for that.

Thank you very much


Yes, the BlueTurn can send two keyboard arrow messages and the BlueBoard can send four MIDI control change messages, so you could use them both to trigger six different actions.


BTW Blueboard can send six (not 4) CCs.
All u have to do is attach a simple guitar amp double switch, there's a connector at the side of the Blueboard.


I had tried pluging in two switched to the additional jacks on the blueboard, specifically to increment and decrement presets on the AXE FX III.

It was behaving erratically in that a press would trigger several changes, kind of jumpy and inconsistent.