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Substitute or Fill In Players

Started by Zionplayer, October 26, 2018, 06:20:52 AM

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I did search on the forum and couldn't find exactly what I was curious about, so I ask it here.

We have a fill-in player for an upcoming gig, and he already uses Bandhelper and is familiar with the program. I have him added as a user, and what I would like is for him to be able to see this gig setlist and any changes  we make to the list (and play mp3's attached, for practice time)...

But all I can figure is to give him access rights to my project, which will include all my other set lists.  Not really a problem and can make it read-only, but I figure there has to be a better way than for a sub to see all of our bookings and setlists?  Maybe create another project, give him access to that one and share the setlist with both projects? Is there a better way...

Edit - FYI on computer I can't assign set list to more than one project.  However, worked fine on IOS (iPhone), and is displaying correctly on computer, showing the set list in both projects.


You can set the sub user to Personal Schedule Only, Personal Finance Only and Event Contacts Only, and then he'll only see the items that affect him. However, I haven't heard of a case where songs and set lists need to be confidential, so there's no way to limit a user to seeing only particular set lists.

Set lists are supposed to only appear in one project. BandHelper allows you to change a set list's project in case you create it in the wrong project, but it's not intended to be shared across multiple projects. Selecting multiple projects from the iOS app is a bug and will be fixed in the next update. (The Android app is working correctly.)


OK, thanks for the info.  I do like this bug tho - works exactly as I hoped it would. I created a "subs" project and he has read only access, shared that one set list with both projects and works like a charm. He sees the list he needs and can play the mp3s to learn the songs, but can't see our other bookings. 

One vote to leave it as is!  Thanks again for a great tool. 


Sorry, it's already fixed and the update will be released tomorrow. This wouldn't be a good way to solve the problem because you would also have to make all the contents of the set list (songs plus set and pause names) available to both projects or else the set list wouldn't display correctly. A better solution would be to make the set lists assignable to specific users. But is it actually a problem for someone to see your other set lists? Is that because you don't want them to know what other gigs you have, or because you want to make it easier for them to find the set list for the gig they're playing?


Its not really a problem at all for the one sub I have filling in. Is a friend I have known and played with for many years. 

It just started me thinking more of the business of music, about the hired gun scenario where the fill in really is just a paid player for that one event, and in that case you may not want him aware of all of your future and past bookings, contact names and numbers, that kind of thing. 

Works for me either way.  Thanks again for discussing!


In that case, you can set the sub user to Personal Schedule Only, Personal Finance Only and Event Contacts Only. Those business-oriented modules can be restricted, just not the Repertoire module.


I just double-checked this. If a user is set to Personal Schedule Only, and an event doesn't include a user, then the user won't see the set list linked to that event. In other words, the Personal Schedule Only setting will reach across to the Repertoire module to hide set lists that are linked to events. So I think this will automatically do what you're looking for, without the need to mess with different projects.

The only exception I saw is a rare case where the same set list is used by two events, where one event includes a user and the other doesn't. In that case the user would see both in the list of set lists. That's a bug that will be fixed in the next update.

Also, the song edit pages currently show a list of set lists where the song was used. The next update will exclude from this list any set lists linked to events that did not include the user.