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Updating song (lyrics) while tempo (beat clock) running

Started by iguana, January 31, 2019, 01:36:21 PM

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Just reporting a bit of unexpected behavior.

I was trying to get some columns of lyrics to line up - having BH open to the song on my performance layout on my Android while editing the song through the web interface on my desktop.

(Easier to do it that way than trying to count the characters taken up by inline chords...)

When I saved changes from the web interface, then forced a sync on the BH app:
- If the tempo was _not_ running, the song I was viewing (& editing) would immediately redraw, showing me the changes.
- If the tempo _was_ running, the song would not redraw. I would have to switch songs and then switch back to see my changes.

Obviously not real problem, but thought I should report this...


That's actually the intended behavior, because if the song reloaded, it would also interrupt the audio playback. So the song will only reload after a sync if a tempo or recording is not playing.