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REQ: Change and/or recover own password from app

Started by pheldal, February 06, 2019, 03:34:57 AM

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People are swapping tablets and smartphones left right and centre and forget the passwords they've been assigned for BH. As the BH-admin I tend to use valuable time for admin-purposes for just about every event or practise-session.

I'd like to see:

  • User being required to set his/her own password on first login
  • Users being able to recover their own lost passwords by setting a temporary password that is sent to the users registered email, with a requirement to enter a new permanent password on login like for the first login to the account.

The initial password set by the admin as well as passwords requested by the user (to be sent by email) could be flagged "temporary" with a dialog on login to the app (or website) that require the user to set his/her own permanent password. I.e re-use the same code for both scenarios.


When you add a user, you can select the option to send the login info, and the user will receive an email with the login info plus a suggestion to log in and set something more memorable. But it's not a requirement. Of course, if they DON'T log in to change what you set for them, they can use that email message as a reference later. I'd be surprised if peoples' own entered passwords were more often remembered. Most of the password inquiries I get come from the owners of the account, who set up their own login info.

The website login page does have a password reset link similar to what you describe. It sends a temporary login link (easier than requiring someone to enter a temporary password) that can be used to go in and enter a new password.

It's sad that with all this technology available, people often can't access it because they can't keep track of their passwords. Looking up forgotten login info is a significant portion of my tech support time, too.


I hadn't noticed the password-recovery-mechanism on the website as I recommend people I play with to use the app, and haven't needed the recovery myself yet. What you describe works fine for me.