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Scrolling Start/Stop

Started by fins2drght, February 09, 2019, 12:04:53 PM

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I want to use a Bluetooth button to start and stop scrolling. I watched the video and my pop up screen when I get to "Start/Stop Auto-Scroll" is different than the video.  My first choice on the screen says FootSwithch(Keyboard)Messages and does not begin with the USB option like in the video.  My question is, before I spend money on a Bluetooth button, is this an issue. My thoughts are either it  is because I actually do not have a Bluetooth device hooked to the tablet (doubtful) or it is a tablet issue. I am running Android 7.1.1.  Additionally, I did not get the two finger tap option for stopping scroll in that popup box either.


A Bluetooth foot switch will still work. Some of the options have been moved or renamed over the years to be clearer. The written tutorials are always up to date with the current app interface: