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Author Topic: BandHelper as my Command Center  (Read 5828 times)


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BandHelper as my Command Center
« on: February 15, 2019, 09:37:09 AM »
Wanted to share my current story, as a huge commendation for BandHelper serving as a core app, and describe its flexibility. I am a guitar player running a Fractal FX III, and in our cover band I also run lights and monitor mix for myself and others. My setup has been great, and I am early on the list for the new Fractal FC foot controller so once I saw them start shipping I sold my other foot controller (mfc) in anticipation. As Murphy would have it, the shipment of FC controllers has gone slower than expected, and I am still without… and have gigs to play. Long story short, I had to figure something out with what I had access to.

Purchased an AirTurn 6
     – hooks to BandHelper on iPad Bluetooth, changes my Fractal Scenes 1-5, and my Volume Boost for lead parts.
Had a Yamaha MD-BT01
      – hooks to BandHelper on iPad Bluetooth, sends MIDI from AirTurn and BandHelper to change Preset and Scene on Fractal, etc. 
Had an iRig Blueturn
      - hooks to BandHelper on iPad Bluetooth, used to run my Mixer app, Last Song, next Song, reselect Song
Had another iRig Blueturn
      - hooks to iRig app on iPad Bluetooth, Bandhelper passes MIDI thru to control light scene changes per buttons 1-4 (off, spotlight guitar, spotlight singer, Crowd Blinders)

SUMMARY – even without my top of the line foot controller, I have configured BandHelper as my MIDI COMMAND and SONG control center. Using automation on each song, a song selection  changes our lights to a low color hue, spotlights the singer, and changes my guitar patch. A second select changes to the songs' specific Light scene/program and starts auto scroll. My 3 Bluetooth foot controllers provide 14 buttons to control my guitar rig, BandHelper or our light show, all by BlueTooth connections. None of this would work without BandHelper as Command Center.


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Re: BandHelper as my Command Center
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2019, 09:43:40 AM »
I'm glad to hear it's working well for you!