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There was a problem renaming your recording

Started by coachz, February 17, 2019, 11:02:00 AM

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I'm trying to add mp3 recordings to a song and I get an error "There was a problem renaming your recording(503)".  The mp3 is called "cow.mp3" and is in my android sdcard local directory that I set in Bandhelper account settings.   The files are local on the tablet.  Thanks for any ideas.


Do you mean you changed Settings > Account Sync > File Download Directory to point to an add-on SD card?


I've seen this on some Android devices that prevent apps from writing to the extra SD card even if the app has been granted the right permissions.

In this case, the app wants to rename your files to add the record ID to the filename, because that's how it names files when it downloads them. It will still read the files if they're there without the ID, but when you attach a recording, it tries at that point to rename the file.

If you need to use the SD card, you could turn off Settings > Account Sync > Auto-Download Files, then add the recordings to the song on your computer. Then BandHelper will know the song has recordings, and will read them off the SD card, without trying to rename them.

Or if you have space on your internal storage, you could change the download directory back to the default and everything should work normally.


Yay, I got the files loaded.

It seems I had screwed up the files directory permissions. When I was copying the mp3s on the Android tablet I accidentally moved the files directory and when I moved it back I think that's screwed up permissions. I uninstalled bandhelper, make sure the directory had been removed on the sdcard which it had, and then reinstalled bandhelper.  Then in settings / account sync, I pointed it to the files directory on the SD card and when I go into the song I'm able to load both the lyric text file and the MP3 from that directory. I think I'm back in business and thank you so much for bearing with me


Okay, great. When I saw this before, I thought it was an Android limitation ... didn't realize users could change file permissions like this.