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Display column is collapsed and won't reopen, hiding second tier info

Started by shibetpc, February 25, 2019, 06:46:49 AM

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I've attached a video showing this occurance.

The main menu is apparently meant to be persistent, so sub menus and screens appear to the right in columns.  However, the columns weren't properly resizing when switching from portrait to landscape mode, leaving as much as a third of the screen grey and unused. I attempted to adjust the column size using the small white vertical lines.  While that allowed me to drag the column open, I've been unable to consistently open it since.  Every now and again, a barrage of taps will flip open the column, covering the initial screen.  However, the problem then persists but in reverse when i go back to the initial menu.

1. Is there a way to reset this to default in the short term? I can't access settings screens, new songs, etc.
2. Is it not possible/preferable to have each layer (menu step) on independent screens?  With limited screen real-estate offered on tablets, I don't need to see every level of app that got me to my destination.   I often find myself in edit screens that a third or quarter size of the vertical screen, and can't even see labels of fields.

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To resize the columns, either tap and hold until the handle activates, then drag; or double-tap to snap to the default size.

I'm not sure what you mean by the navigation showing "every level." It will only show one level at a time until you reach an edit page, which will show in the right column if your screen is large enough for two columns.


I guess my point is that the way you suggest is meant to be how it works, but it doesn't seem to.  Those handles don't activate quickly and consistently.  I end up activating some other feature while attempting to grab on to them.  As you can see from the attached video, switching orientation modes produces some pretty strange effects.  I then am fumbling with the tiny handles trying to resize. 

Ultimately my question is, why is it split screen?  I don't need to see the main menu when I'm in a subscreen.  I just want the subscreen data in full screen view. A back button up top to return me to the previous view would be preferable in my opinion.  Is there a way to set that as a default?  Each menu level and subscreen at full width that is.

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** there is some lag in the video when I change orientation.  The effects i describe show, but only a moments after the orientation change.


I recommend double-tapping the divider to return to the default left column width, and either leaving it there, or possibly dragging it a little to the left since your tablet screen seems to be pretty small. You would generally only need to adjust that if you want to optimize the column ratio for your screen size; it's not meant to be something you would routinely drag back and forth or open and close.

When you rotated at 0:21, the right column should have filled the display. I see that problem on Android occasionally; please submit a help ticket if you want to troubleshoot it. Usually it is a temporary issue and it will correct itself with the next navigation action, as it did when you tried resizing the columns again.

The purpose of a split screen layout is to minimize navigation when you're editing sibling pages. For example, if you want to edit five songs, you can click one song, edit, click the next song, edit, etc. That saves having to click Back before clicking the next song. You'd get the same benefit when editing settings or just paging through to review them.


unfortunately, double tapping the divider (when it works, which is not often), only flips the divider to the other side of the screen.

I will submit a ticket for display not filling.  However, the fact that it is 'usually temporary' is more unsettling than reassuring.  This is a live environment tool.  Inconsistencies are not a welcome quality in live environments. 

In terms of the columnar layout, it seems a bit of a clunky response to the issue of multi-editing, causing a larger problem than it seeks to solve.  There is an established UX tendency towards preserving screen real estate, rather than sectioning it off and trying to jam everything onto the one screen.  However, rather than just ranting (which is my default position :) ), I'd like to offer some potential solutions.

:: Why not consider implementing a pull out contextual menu from an edge?  For example, if you're in a song edit screen pulling from the right opens a list of the songs, (with the current song being in the center, previous songs above, next songs below).  User can then thumb scroll to the next song and release the menu to gain full screen editing capability again.  Pull from the left, and you get the main menu.  Select, release, disappear.  Depending on the screen you are in (live view, edit mode, etc.) the right edge menu remains contextual to that application.

:: Alternatively, as a low-fi solution, in the edit mode, add a sliding banner of songs across the bottom or top that allows the user to move between songs, but maintains the editing feature.

:: Or, super low-fi - add     <-- Previous Song      Next Song -->     buttons to allow users to move through songs in the edit mode.

Any of these would provide a similar solution, but preserves the full-screen status of the primary screen.

Just some thoughts.

Thx :)



I got the troubleshooting info from your help ticket. Your device is running Android 5.0.1. Can that be updated? I more often see bugs and display glitches closer to a major Android release than in later updates. For example, 5.0 or 5.0.1 is likely to be more buggy than the last update for that series, which in your case would be 5.1.1. I have a 5.1.1 device here that handles rotation fine. Unfortunately, some Android devices can't be updated.

If you do see the view not filling the screen after a rotation, I recommend just proceeding with the next thing you were going to do, and see if it corrects itself. The column resizing is meant to be a mostly "set it and forget it" function, not something you would do regularly as you navigate around the app.


Unfortunately, that particular device isn't updating to a later version of Android.  Some of the other devices I'm using don't exhibit this issue, and do have higher versions of Android installed.  The bad news is that both I and the other half of my duo are using the same device, which (despite being older) performs flawlessly with all other apps, so I can't justify upgrading it at the moment.  It runs my digital mixer (including custom layouts/views), other setlist apps (until I get this one up and running), and all manner of social and administrative tasks for the group.  I can't imagine that this app is so different that it can handle a rotation state change.


I just tested on a tablet with Android 5.0 and didn't see a problem. I don't have a way to test on 5.0.1, but it's more likely the difference is due to your device brand than the slight OS version difference. Unfortunately it's very difficult to address an issue like this if I can't reproduce it.

Does the sizing issue correct itself if you continue navigating through the app?


It has, but not as a matter of fact, and with no seeming logic as to why.  I can't seem to identify what would cause it to do so in one case while not in the other.