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Preview: New Pro Modules

Started by arlo, February 26, 2019, 10:53:32 AM

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I'm working on BandHelper 4.0 for iOS / 3.0 for Android, and you can now preview and comment on some of the upcoming changes. This thread focuses on three new modules for Pro accounts, which you can test on iOS, Android or the website. To try them in the apps, install the latest version and turn on Help > Utilities > Test New Interface. To try them in the website, please send me your account name and I'll activate it. Then you can see:

- Checklists: This module lets you build hierarchical checklists for multi-level tasks like packing equipment for a gig or promoting a special event. You can assign checklist items to different users, receive reminders on the item due dates, and mark items as Not Started, In Progress or Done. You can clear an existing checklist to reuse it, or copy it to start a new checklist with the same tasks.

- Files: This module lets you upload files that aren't associated with a song, event or transaction. Basically, it's a shared storage area for miscellaneous files. It supports the same document and recording formats as the Repertoire module, uses the same syncing options, and is subject to the same file size limitations.

- Practice Log: This module lets you organize and focus your own practice time. You can enter goals like "practice scales" or "learn new songs," log time toward those goals, and view a report organized by day, week, month or year. Practice log entries are private and can't be viewed by other band members.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!