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Notepad2 provides line numbers

Started by WashedUp, March 06, 2019, 06:44:45 AM

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I really like the highlight approach to my lyrics, since I do work with tracks.

Editing the automation for these highlights and midi patch changes to be as precise
as possible is a bit of a pain. Largly because we have to start at the beginning of the
the track to add, or to see if our last edits are right. 

Sorting out what's on what line is pretty easy though.    Free

A stand alone editor with line numbers for the PC. I'm sure there must be one for Mac as well.

What I do is first layout the lyrics exactly how I want them in notepad. Then save the file with a
name that shows this is for bandhelper etc. because I may still want to use my regularly formated
lyrics elsewhere.

Then I copy the lyrics both to notepad 2  and the lyrics box in Bandhelper at the website, save and download
to my device.

I've found if I try to copy from the lyric box in Bandhelper all the line spaces disappear which is of no help.

At any rate it eases the pain a good bit to know what's what.

Any other thoughts on helping the process?


In the app version 4.0 released yesterday, you can click Add an Event in the automation track edit window to add an event directly. You can then adjust the timing as needed.

All today's changes are listed here: