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Thanks! And a request for MusicXML support

Started by HaraldS, October 18, 2015, 01:41:21 PM

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Hi Arlo,

thanks for that very cool piece oft software. As a jazz pianist, entertainment pianist at lounges/hotels and accompanist for singers/choirs, I no longer need to carry huge amounts of paper with me. It took quite some time to scan those 800+ songs to PDF, no doubt, but now it's more or less done. I do also produce many written music with Finale, directly saving it as PDF.

So here comes a humble request: please make SLM support MusicXML. That would be a major step ahead, not only displaying music notation as a hard-wired PDF/JPG document, but displaying a score as musical content. With e.g. adjustable staff sizes, right-to-left continuing scrolling scores and only displaying selectable staves from a huge score. No other stageproof app does that, SLM would be a miles ahead of competing apps.

Especially the new big iPad which is to be sold from November looks very suitable for written music. All major music notation software products are able do read and write MusicXML, so there's a certain possibilty that MusicXML is something between a long-term factor and the future standard for music notation on electronic devices. I'd love SLM to display files in that format.

What do you think?




Rendering MusicXML files in my app would be a big task, although there are existing libraries I could buy and integrate into my app.

Then any interactivity you wanted added to the scores, like the examples you listed above, would be additional big tasks. I would basically be repeating the programming work that went into creating apps like Finale or Sibelius. So it would definitely be more cost-effective to set up your scores the way you want them in Finale, then save as a PDF and display the static PDF in my app.

But I'll track the idea on my wish list.


I just wanna +1 this request for Musicxml. There are more and more doing this, but nobody is doing it right. is pretty good but they have no intention for cross-platform at the moment.

I am just sending my wish out there: display Musicxml with all the functionality of BandHelper. Work form the computer and everything magically appears on all my devices.


I'd like to +1 to this request.

Musicnotes is great at loading up their scores and allowing zooming and transposing.   

I also use Finale, Sibelius, Encore for the bands 1000+ song library. So Music XML would add options for us.

Thanks for making an awesome app, by the way!!!!!

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Instead of incorporating "notation" per se, maybe a simple "screen capture" and "paste" into the chords field would allow a strip of music notation ripped from another source to be displayed as .pdf where one only needs that riff or particular melodic line displayed along with the chord progression. (for us memory-challenged boomers!)


You can use a JPEG or PDF, but you would attach it to the song as a document, not paste it into the Chords field.