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Document button on Apple Watch

Started by Chris, March 29, 2019, 03:16:15 AM

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I am planning to remote control my iPad through my Apple Watch via my iPhone.
Connection works great and I am able to move through the setlist without problems.

Am I right in assuming though that other functions (such as the document button) are not being transmitted via the remote control?
My idea was to be able and also bring up the document fullscreen via the Apple Watch. It works on the iPhone but the iPad simply ignores the "request".



Clicking the document button on the watch should give the same result as clicking it on the iPad screen. In either case, the document button will only open a full-screen document if the layout doesn't have a document viewer. It sounds like you're using a list-only layout on the phone, but the tablet already has a document viewer in the layout, so the document button doesn't open it full-screen in that case.


Double-checked the layouts and neither the one on the iPhone nor the one on the iPad have a document viewer added. Both only have the setlist and switch to fullsceen when clicking the document button.

Would a ticket and according troubleshooting-info help?


Oh, I forgot that Apple Watches can't pair with iPads. So you can send the document message from the watch to the phone fine, but there's no way to pass that same message on from the phone to the iPad. However, you could use device linking with the iPad connecting to the phone, and set the iPad's layout to open the full-screen document on song selection. Then it would open whenever you select a song, not when you click the document button. But then unless you plan to close the full-screen document after every song, it would be better to just open the full-screen document manually when you start your set, and follow the song selections through device linking so the full-screen display stays open but changes from one document to the next as you change songs. Does that make sense?


Hi arlo,

just realized I did not reply yet.
The basic idea was to have a backup process as my Flic-Button had an issue once during a gig.
In that case, I am good with just moving from song to song via the watch not needing to walk to the front and bow down to the iPad every time.

Thanks for the options mentioned though.