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Default event info

Started by shibetpc, February 24, 2019, 02:51:55 AM

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Is it feasible to have default event information so one wouldn't have to populate each field for every event.  Specifically, it would be helpful for event categories to carry default information like checking Public, or populating start times.  It feels a bit cumbersome re-entering each data point when, for my needs, this data is standard and associated with the category of event. 

For my needs, defaults would include (by category relation):

:: default start time
:: End time populated a determined amount from start time (e.g, +2hrs)
:: public/hide details/confirmed checkboxes prepopulated
:: send event reminder ___ number
:: Users
:: require acceptance
:: acceptance reminders hours

Let me know if I've missed this existing functionality,  or if there is the possibility of including it in future releases.




Would these defaults really need to be category-specific, or could you just have default settings for all new events?

Does it help to copy an existing event when adding a new event?


I guess the reason it seems logical (for my needs) that it be category defaults is that each category carries a different set of default values.  I want all SHOWS, in general, to be public.  I want all REHEARSALS, in general, to be private.  A default setting for all new events would mean you'd still have to change the default value for any category of event that doesn't meet that criteria.


All right, this is on my wish list and I'll let you know if I can add it. Meanwhile, copying a previous event of the same category could be helpful. But it's arguably better to click a few checkboxes every time than to risk inadvertently applying some default settings that you don't want.


Thanks for adding this to the wishlist :)  Less data entry = better workflow in my books :)


I agree with this concept as well....

typically the only things that change for our gigs are the name of the club, pay and any 'notes' or 'contacts' we attach to them.  The start times are almost always 9 (and if they were 930 it wouldnt matter anyway as we are always early as we run our own PA from stage), its always public, its always the 4 of us added, we always do email 2 days prior and SMS 24 hours prior. 

Not sure if this was still an option or not. 

Love the app anyway...


I would like to +1 this type request. My band currently uses BandMule for availability (BH for everything else), basically because it is so simple. You run the app, click once on the day for available, click again for not available.  My guys need that simplicity.

Was thinking with default settings maybe I could get there on BH and drop the other program - If it could default to the user logged in, as well as name, category, dates and times.

For an event I don't mind filling out the fields, but for just free/busy this 'defaults' idea would be great. Thanks for considering!


In the new version 2023-09-10 released today, you can edit an event category and enter some default settings there. This does not include turning on the Require Response option because you might want to enter info incrementally and save a few times before you're ready to trigger that.