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AB shutter 3 - a cheaper remote?

Started by ChelseaMarie, April 09, 2019, 03:05:43 PM

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I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate a handheld remote into my sets. I bought the PageFlip Butterfly - Bluetooth Page-turning Pedal for about $80 USD and that worked when in a band situation. I had my drummer control everything but I am a singer and I wanted to be able to move around the stage and use it in a solo setting. I kept looking for a microphone page turner but that's not a thing. I kept thinking there must be a better way, seeing as how versatile setlist maker is.

I saw that Setlistmaker has incorporated Flic and I bought one of those for $25 USD on amazon with a $5 coupon. Looks like a great thing that I can clip on easily. All I really need a button to do is start/stop the music or go to the next song. SLM handles everything else.

But, I would love to see a way to integrate the "AB Shutter 3" as a backup. It is just a small remote that is intended to work with your camera. You can buy one for as low as $7.99 USD on amazon.

Key mapping:
Android button -  ENTER      Keycode 28
iOS button -     VOLUME_UP  Keycode 115

I see a way to incorporate the android button, though I haven't gotten it to work yet, but when you look under the 'Remote Control_actions>[given action]> footswitch(keyboard)' I don't know how I would add that.

I'm not THAT tech savvy but I can follow directions. Can someone help?

note: There is an Andriod app called Keyboard helper that is suppose to switch things around for you but they have also said that when it is enabled you are not able to use the phone keyboard. I have ios so that doesn't really help me but if there were an app that did the same thing on ios it wouldn't be a big problem in a live show.


I think the camera shutter or volume controls are different kind of messages and don't correspond to a keyboard message that Set List Maker could correspond to. But you're saying it sends a key code. Do you have one to test with? If so, you could view a show, then click the foot switch icon in the top toolbar to view the remote control activity log, then click the button and see if the click shows up in the activity log.