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Category Color in iPhone view of Calendar

Started by gfhbass, April 15, 2019, 04:57:38 PM

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I am still converting from Set List Maker to BandHelper and have a question about the category colors in Schedule.  I have categories set with colors – Show/Green, Rehearsal/Orange and Vacation/Red.  When I add an event via my PC, the colored text show up nicely on the web view of the Calendar.  When I view the calendar on my iPhone, dates with an event show with a white dot/period.  Is it possible to show the dot/period with the category color?  I would like to be able to take a quick look at the calendar on my iPhone and see green, orange or red dots for dates with events? 

I like BandHelper a lot, thanks...Grant


Makes sense. The only hitch is that you could have multiple events with different categories on the same day. I guess I could show a separate dot for each event, if the number of events is within reason. I'll put that on my wish list.


+1 for this idea

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