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Sharing Songs

Started by Geoff, May 19, 2019, 12:52:53 PM

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Hi all,

A while back, I used the "Share Songs" feature from a setlist, and the way I remember it, this feature produced a single pdf file with one page devoted to each song in the setlist. The documents attached to each song were automatically (as I remember it) converted to one-page pdfs, and these were concatenated to make up the single pdf file.

But I tried again doing this again the other day and it didn't work - each page in the pdf file had only the title of the document, but no content.

Now, the documents I have attached to my songs are MS Word docs rather than pdfs, and when I look back at the release notes for the "Share Songs" feature (I'll include this below for reference), it seems that it only addresses the case where a song's document attachment is a PDF file, not an MS Word file.

Does document inclusion in "Share Songs" in fact only work where the documents attached to Songs are pdf files? Am I misremembering it working for me before with MS Word attachments?

If it is supposed to work with MS Word files, please can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong? Or is this a bug??

**** Extract from Release Notes 6/10/18 - IOS VERSION 3.3


- Added a function for sharing songs. From the set list or smart list menu, you can now select either Share Set List to share the list as before, or select Share Songs to share all the songs in the list. When sharing songs, BandHelper will generate a PDF file with one page for each song. You can use the Appearance and Song Fields options to control what information is included for each song. If a song's default document is a PDF file, the first page of that file will be included instead of any other info. If you've added annotations to the PDF file, those will be included in the combined PDF (stickie notes annotations are not yet included). You can use this function to create a set of lead sheets for a band member who doesn't have a device to use on stage, or for a paper backup.

***** End Extract from Release Notes


Sorry, that function only ever worked with attached PDF files.