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Alternate keys per player/user

Started by hopehighway, February 19, 2018, 04:33:02 PM

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I'm sure the answer lies somewhere in the realm of smart copies...
I play in a duo where my partner often plays guitar with a capo, while I play mandolin without.  Or we play guitars with capos in 2 different places, playing 2 different sets of chords.
Trying to sort out the best methodology for populating set lists with the correct chords for each of us. 

If this can be dealt within the song levels, so that it happens automatically when adding the song to a set list, that would be optimal.  I thought I had run across a user field in the smart copy (or saw that in a tutorial), but I cannot find it now.

and as a brand new user, thank you Arlo for an awesome program/app.


Since you both need to see different chords at the same time, the personal sync function would be more useful than a smart copy. You can both turn on Settings > Account Sync > Personal Sync > Chords (or Lyrics, if you're putting your chords into the Lyrics fields).

Then for each song, you can decide which set of chords is the master or default. The person who wants to see a different set of chords can copy and paste that from the Shared Chords to the Personal Chords field, then use the transpose (sharp/flat) buttons to change the key. Then go back and view the song. One personal will see the default ("shared") chords and the other will see the personal chords in the alternate key.

I'd also recommend setting up a custom field for each user where you can enter "capo 2" or "capo 4" or whatever, as an additional reminder. You can each have your own custom field for this purpose, assigned only to you, and then the other user won't see your capo settings.


This is essentially a variation of a previous feature request. If the cords for each song were written/stored in the key actually played, with an optional per-user configurable transpose-offset that is applied on the fly this would be a lot more flexible, and consistent between musicians in a band. The per-user offset, when used, should ideally also be adjusted whenever the stored chords are saved after transposing although it is is impossible to fully automate all changes regardless of instruments used and personal preferences. Valid input for the offset would be -11 to +11 semitones or NULL (not used). 0 (zero) would mean that the offset is used in case the song later is transposed. (for example up one or more semitones for an acoustic guitar player).

For example a song in Bm played on bass, keys, guitar and mandolin would be stored in Bm. The guitar-player may use an offset of -2 to play with capo as if it was a song in Am, while the mandolin player may prefer -4 (Gm) with capo at the 4th fret. A beginner on keys may prefer to play in Am (-2) transposing 2 semitones up on the keyboard, while the bass plays the chords as written (no offset).


While I fully agree with the feature request for transposition per user as described, I will give the personal sync of lyrics (unfortunately) a go.  Will a user's iPad running a different layout (to facilitate custom user fields) be able to track in sync with a "master" iPad for next song, next marker control from a pedal?


Yes. If it's a MIDI pedal, you can send the same messages to both devices. If it's a Bluetooth pedal, you can send the pedal message to the master device and then use device linking to control the slave device:


I agree that a "Personal Key" feature would be more using friendly that "Personal Chords".

I would like to be able to use the standard transpose buttons on the song, then go to the song settings menu and save "Personal Key".


Does this feature still exist in this format?  I also have need to have transposition per user.  However, The remainder of the lyrics should be shared.  Just a chord offset to save per user any transposition.  That way, when the singer decides to add or re-arrange verses, or make other changes to the song, My lyrics are updated along with his, but the offset key displayed, rather than the original.

Is this possible?


T :)


The personal sync option described above still exists. If you separate your chords from your lyrics using the Chords field, you can make a personal copy only of the chords while still sharing the lyrics. Setting a per-user transpose offset and transposing automatically when you view a song is on my wish list.


OK. Thanks :)

The personal copy doesn't really suit, as it means maintaining two copies. I'll wait for the offset transposition.



happy the dream has not died  :) 
particularly since i have multiple gigs upcoming with guest players (bass & mandolin) that won't adapt so readily to capo'd chords.



Yesterday's big release adds personal transpose settings to the song edit page. If you set a transpose amount here, chords will be transposed automatically when you view them, but your bandmates will see the default chords (or their own personal transposing).

All the new changes are listed here: