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Cannot set End Time to 12:00am (midnight)

Started by gfhbass, May 20, 2019, 09:55:00 AM

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Hi...Not sure what I am doing wrong, but when defining an Event, I have not been successful in defining the End Time as 12:00 am (midnight).  11:55 pm is OK, as is 12:05 am, but 12:00 am not.  Thanks...Grant


I am seeing this problem on the webpage and only when entering an End Time of 12:00 am (midnight).  Everything works when a different time (e.g., 1 am) is used.

I can successfully add an End Time of 12:00 am to an Event on my iPad and it will successfully sync to my iPhone.  The change made on my iPad also seems to sync with the webpage.  However, the End Time on the webpage changes to blank, not 12:00 am. 

If I add an End Time of 12:00am on the webpage,  I am allowed to save the change and it successfully syncs with my iPad and iPhone,  but the End Time field returns to blank on the webpage.  Hope this makes sense...


Yes, it's a known issue that a time of midnight doesn't display on the event edit page. IIRC you can still set the time to midnight and it will appear correctly to other devices. This is on my to do list. Meanwhile, I recommend entering 11:55 pm as a workaround.



I've learned to add end times as 11:55 anyway as we typically play 9-1 or 930-130, but what I learned in Google Calender is when entered as 9-1 or anything past midnight, it blocks off the 2nd day, so its hard to tell if there are 2 gigs back to back or if its just the one that overlaps. 

To us, the end time doesnt matter as much.  we get paid for 4 hours and start times are a gray-ish area. so we adjust according to when we start.


Displaying midnight on the website should be fixed in yesterday's release.

All of yesterday's changes are listed here: