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Text placeholder for new Personal Transpose feature

Started by JerryK, May 27, 2019, 03:40:24 PM

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Personal Transpose.  Great feature.
But it needs documenting in the top of the Lyrics and/or Chords section of songs when used.  It seems a shame to just type in an unchanging "CAPO 3" (in my case - guitar of course) when we're all using computers/tablets/phones to display our BH content. 
A logical alternative would be a placeholder for whatever chosen shift: "CAPO <transpose>" or similar, which will then keep up with any changes.  This would be a very useful addition.

I also use a Personal Field for my personal tuning arrangements, containing perhaps (currently) "CAPO 3", which I display after the Key in the SetList for the same purpose.  It would be good to have the same feature available there too.  How about, additionally, a placeholder for the resultant key, i.e. "CAPO <transpose>, play <transkey>".  This is trivial inside the lyrics/chords, using just the original [chord] but there's no way in a Personal Field.

Maybe a small digit in the "#" or "b" button would be generally useful too, including for on-the-fly use of those buttons.  I'm not so sure about that one but I'm sure you'll give it some thought.



Actually, it will need negating of course.  Transposing the played chords down arises from the capo being placed on a positive fret position. Negatives too, from de-tuning - easily done on a Variax guitar or by picking up a larger sax.
I'm sure you worked all that out long ago.
I'm still reeling from trying to edit a Transposed song on the web page - and then on the iPad.  ;D