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Smart List - Number Of Times Songs Have Been Played

Started by rsissons, May 29, 2019, 09:23:02 AM

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I created a smart list that is very simple. It's has no filters, the logic is an AND(default) and it's sorted by Frequency Performed in descending order.

The songs get grouped them by 10. This is fine, but then it gets to 10 or less, it also dumps the songs that have never been played so there isn't a way separate a song that has been played 8 times vs. 0.

When I try to Share it, the grouping changes and it has songs that have been played 10 or less, and a group below it that says Never Performed that includes songs that have been performed and are associated with set list that have dates.

Can someone clear this behavior up for me? Is there a way to show a field that has a tally for how many times a song has been played?



I just made some updates to the Frequency Performed sorting. Does that fix the problems you're seeing?


Yes, Arlo. Thank you.

Is there a way to know how many times a song has been ACTUALLY played? Maybe display the count next to the song name?

For example, I have 2 songs in the 40 group(I assume these songs have been played between 31 -40 time and not 40+ times), but I don't know if ones been played 32 times and the other 38. They are just in the 40 group.



The exact number is displayed in the mobile app currently, but not the website. I can add that. Meanwhile, the songs are still sorted by the exact frequency performed within each group.


OK, that would be cool to add to the website since I share that report out to the band.

As for the frequency performed within each group, it would be a good feature to add maybe? When your catalog gets into the 100's of songs, it's hard to tell.