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Song lyrics not displaying correctly on iPhone since BH update

Started by Erawal, June 13, 2019, 10:49:05 PM

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Hi, I am hoping for some quick help. Ever since the last major update, I have had serious problems using Bandhelper to view my song lyrics on my iPhone 6.

The problem applies to viewing lyrics from the SONGS list.  When I go to songs and choose the title of a song, what comes up is the view where I can edit the song.  I can see the lyrics in the editing box of the lyrics field, but I can't tap on the field to get them to display full screen in the view where I can adjust the size of the lyrics.

This problem does not occur when accessing songs via a set list or via a smart list -- there, I can see song the song lyrics in layout view, as I could before the the update.  I choose a layout and then simply go to my lyrics, and they display full screen where I can resize them. 

This is a very serious problem for me -- I use Bandhelper almost exclusively as a lyrics database, and I need to be able to access my songs quickly on the fly when I am at a singing session.  My workaround has been to go to the SmartList called "Active Songs," where I can access all my songs alphabetically, but this is not a good solution, because as far as I know, I can't search within Active Songs.  What I used to do is search for a word that I know appears in a song I want to pull up quickly, from within the SONGS list, and then get a list of all the songs that have that word in it.  I could then easily choose the one I want, and have the lyrics at my fingertips.  But this is no longer working.

I'd appreciate your help!!




Hi Erawal,

in the editing view of a song, tap on the icon of the song text in the documents list (see attachment of this post) and hold the tap until a pop up appears (on IPhone 6S, it works via forcetouch)
In there, select songtext and it will show fullscreen.
Hope this helps.

Regards, Chris


Actually you don't have to tap and hold ... just a normal tap will show the lyrics.

You wrote almost the same message in another thread and I already responded there:,2268.msg9705.html#msg9705


Thank you, Chris, Your attachment was helpful — now I understand how I can get to the song lyrics view I want when in the SONGS area.  While not ideal  — it now takes two taps and a scroll to get to what used to be one tap away — this at least gets me back to being able to view lyrics after searching for a song.

And Arlo, yes, apologies for posting in more than one place — After I posted my original question, I discovered someone else had commented elsewhere about a similar issue, and I chimed in there as well.  Thanks for responding.