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Internal Server error?

Started by WashedUp, July 02, 2019, 02:57:30 PM

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I'm trying to sync a mid file to a recording to control lighting.

I may be going down the wrong path, but I have created a new midi preset, gave it a name and saved it. Then when I try to add a midi file (under the Standard Midi File header), select the file and choose save, I get the message "Internal Server Error"

What can I do?


Some browsers will do this if you submit consecutive pages too quickly. What happens if you pause for a few seconds between each page load or form submission?


Still getting the error after the computer was off all night. After this I tried clearing the history and cache. Error persists.


Did you try pausing for a few seconds between each page load or form submission?


Yes I've been very patient in between attempts

Not sure I even need this now, as I have successfully attached the mid file in recordings.
That seems to be working for my current needs.

At this point, I wonder, since there is an option to upload a midi file in the midi presets, there must be a reason to do so.
I'm just saying, when it wont upload I can't experiment to learn.

Thanks for the input Arlo!


Okay, I see the problem and that should be fixed now.

The functionality is described in the section "TO SEND DATA FROM A STANDARD MIDI FILE" on this page: