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New Gig Booked - Attaching a setlist

Started by themetallikid, July 10, 2019, 04:20:06 PM

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Is there something I'm missing when I create a new gig to assign a setlist.

We have basically 3 setlists we work with, Dance, Middle Rock, and Rock depending on which venue audience we think we will be getting at a certain venue.  To help keep the guys on track I assign the appropriate setlist to the gig, so we can run over any songs we need to that week at practice for the weekends gigs.  Works great....

However, when I input the gig in the app/ would be helpful to be able to assign a setlist at that time.  Right now (unless I missed something) it seems I have to create the gig, then go into the Setlists menu, click on the setlist I want to assign, and then click 'add date' to assign the gig to the setlist.  I like that approach if I create a new setlist sometime and want to assign it to several gigs at once, but if we get booked back at a certain venue repeatedly or if we think it'd be the Middle setlist, but half way through we switched to the Rock setlist, it'd be nice when I create the return visit to just assign it in the creating screen. 

again, I could be missing something....


Currently you can add a new set list from the event edit page, but you can't attach an existing set list. That's because the assumption is that you will book your events first, then create set lists for the events afterwards. Or if you frequently reuse the same set list, you won't attach it to an event and will just leave that as an "undated" set list. I think your workflow is uncommon and isn't supported the way you're looking for.

However, when you want to add an event, you could start on the set list edit page and click the Add An Event button and then the New Event button from there, and then the new event will be linked to that set list. Or you can just do what you're doing and go back and link the event to the set list after adding the event.


Hey Arlo,

Yeah I follow what your saying.  We have just over 100 songs with the full band that we can pull off and while several (maybe 60% dwell in the Middle setlist, there are the other 20% each of the Dance/Rock sets that are specific to that category.  Honestly its really hard to play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond and go into Rob Zombies Never Gonna Stop.  Sure you can transition over the course of hte night a bit, but thats still a drastic we break our songs into the three categories.

I basically look at it like Dance is the lighter stuff, it ends with stuff thats in the Middle List and the Middle list ends with stuff that is in the ROck list...each list progressing from dancier stuff to more drunk rock songs throughout the night, just of different varieties.  lol  We do run 3 sets of each setlist, with an 'extra' songlist that fits that style of setlist...but then also include an extra (5th) set/song list that provides popular songs in our 'other' genres in case we are doing a 'Rock' set and we get a bus load of girls wanting to dance from a bachelorette party...or maybe later in our dance set some guys wanna hear some Metallica/ its my hybrid approach to covering all options and it works pretty well.

Anyway....I will remember to do the new bookings via the setlist page then as that seems to be the most efficient workflow for how we handle stuff.