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Google Calendar - WARNING

Started by JerryK, June 26, 2019, 06:56:48 AM

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This is not common knowledge but I found out the hard way that the Google Calendar Android app DOES NOT DISPLAY EVENTS more than about ONE YEAR away from the current date.  It's a fact - which should be widely advertised.  Repeated events will show but singles do not.
I Googled hard, looking for a fix.  I cleared the app cache and then memory, finally re-installing the app but eventually found basically a confirmation of my discovery, inviting people to post a complaint.  I CERTAINLY DID.
What a useless state of affairs for a calendar app!!  I'm so annoyed and disgusted - how dare they??  I'm also double-booked as a direct result. Grrr!
It may be that you can live with it (but only knowing that fact - not as an unpublished secret) and always check on a PC or another band member's iPhone for distant (in time) bookings.
Alternatively, it's fuel for using BandHelper's Schedule system.


It doesn't seem totally unreasonable -- in fact BandHelper's calendar feed used to only send dates for the next year -- but I extended that to two years by popular demand.


But to not make it clear.  Repeated events show up way beyond a year, so why would I guess that a gig would not?  And only on Android.