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Something odd with documents.

Started by Quadcab, August 29, 2019, 05:59:48 AM

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We've had Bandhelper a couple of years, but recently 3 of our members are having problems viewing documents. They can see some but not all, particularly recently added documents. Have tried them with re-syncing etc but nothing clears the problem.

Anyone else had this?



Hi Arlo,

Thanks for the reply. I did some checking under "Account" "Users", and I noticed that the phone numbers for the 2 members of the band that had stopped seeing recently added files were not there! Can't figure out why, but once I re-inserted them and had the guys sync their phones then it's all good!

We love BandHelper!!


Hmm, perhaps there was something missing from those user records that was restored when you edited and saved the users. Glad to hear it's working now.