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Multiple use/approach?

Started by themetallikid, November 24, 2021, 04:51:25 AM

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Hey Arlo....  So my main band/project is having its final show tonight.  Sad, but time to move on.   With that though, I'll have my solo acoustic, 3 duet projects as well as a tribute full band.   

What is the best way for me to implement those projects and keep them sorted.  In my head, the preferred approach would be (in the android app version, where I do most my work) click into my JTK 'account', all my songs/events etc are still there, but I'm able to code events with the appropriate project it belongs to (categories I believe?) and then I'd like my song list to be able to have the appropriate tag (?) for the project it pertains to? 

Generally most of my songs will go with all projects as you just never know when someone will request something not in the normal setlist and I usually do an extra setlist with all additional songs not scheduled to be played. 

Is this the best approach or do you have any other ways for me to work with this?


I want to say you should use Projects, not Categories or Tags, to organize your projects, but there's no good way to spontaneously pull up a song from another project during a performance. What you're proposing should work, but it seems  messy and removes the ability to use event categories as categories. I think a better option would be an All Projects option in the Quick Add popup, so that you can quickly pull up a song from another project without having to leave the set list view or do any special data setup. I'll put that on my to do list.

P.S. Have a fun show! Maybe it's better to end deliberately than to just fizzle out as many projects do.


Yeah I see what you mean regarding the song/project choice.  For the acoustic shows I usually will create the extra setlist with all available songs so I can just scroll down in my list to find it and then scroll back up.  That part isnt an issue....I just need to check the boxes for all projects then. 

I was thinking, is it possible to have an option in the main settings where you can choose to make events/songs 'global' or 'per project'? 

1) The songs are an easy work around for me, but if I pull up my calendar and want to see what projects are playing when (while in the app, 2nd question coming after this one) I can only see the ones in the project I'm on.  Not all of them together. 

2)  Do I only need the one link for the calendar or does each project have its own link to synchronize with my phone calendar? 


1) There is already an All Projects filter on the Events list, which is also used by the calendar view. Click the search icon at the top of the list to set it, then click the search icon again to save it.

2) The calendar links are per-user, not per-project.


In the new version 4.3.7 released today, the Quick Add popup in the set list view has an Include All Projects option in the search filters. If you add a song from a different project and Settings > General Settings > Save Quick Added Songs is turned on, that song will be added to the current project: