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Started by themetallikid, September 13, 2019, 07:57:00 PM

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I had this setup at one point when I was messing around, but can't seem to get it to work now.  Which settings need to be set to what?

I have duration set for each song, and the bpm for them.  Does it need something else turned on or set in order to do it.  I'd like to pull up a song, and start playing knowing its going to be right there with me.


Ok, I am finally having a need for this, and implementing it.  Went through my acoustic setlist tonight and the auto scroll works great...on most songs. 

On the songs its iffy, its usually running through the end of the song when I'm jamming chords where a solo should be.  Some songs I've been able to change the bpm....which I'd prefer to not do, as I use the bpm when I create full band presets and get a base tempo saved in my presets in my Helix. 

I tried changing the auto scroll start time to longer, and this works for some songs, but others it just doesnt seem to delay the song enough. 

how does the auto scroll duration play into the song duration and scrolling tempo?


Auto-scrolling isn't affected by the tempo -- only by the Duration if Settings > General Settings > Auto-Scroll > Calculate Auto-Scroll Duration is set to automatic, or by the Auto-Scroll Duration and Auto-Scroll Pre-Roll if that's set to Manual.

Are you saying that a long solo in the middle throws off the auto-scroll timing? If so, you can either pad the solo section with empty lines to space the lyrics out roughly proportionally to their timing in the song, or you can use an alternative like automation tracks or remote control.