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Venues, anyone?

Started by JerryK, September 29, 2019, 08:06:48 AM

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Venues could be a great addition to BH, if connected to Schedule, Contacts and even Stage Plots.
Particularly useful for those who use stand-in musicians but really for everyone, it would contain address, zip/post code, contact, usual performing and break times, special loading or performance wishes, noise meter warnings, parking instructions, lighting needs and maybe more. It would be great for one-off or repeat gigs.
All these things, connected from the Schedule, with Setlist (good to keep the actual list of songs used in a history file as well, optionally) it would complete the gigging landscape beautifully, with all the information you would want.


You can use Contacts for this, with a category of Venue. Within contacts, there are separate fields for the venue name (Name) and your contact person's name (Contact Name) at that venue.


Good call.  Not the obvious place to look but now I know...
Thanks, Arlo