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Just a tablet hint from personal experience.

Started by JerryK, September 30, 2019, 07:47:59 AM

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I use 2 tablets on one music stand - one for Mixing Station Pro (MSPro) for controlling our XR18 mixer, one for BandHelper remote control from our drummer. For a long time, the MSPro tablet was 2.4 GHz Android but I recently upgraded to a 2nd iPad, so both are now on 5GHz.
Suddenly, it gave me lots of trouble, with one or other iPad being sluggish, disconnecting or just not doing its job properly. I supposed they were interfering with each other, though that would be unusual since they both connect to the same router on stage. I discovered where their wifi aerials are, and orientated them for max separation on the music stand but still no luck.
Finally, I discovered that my phone (also 5GHz capable but NOT connecting to our router) is causing the interference.  If I switch off its wifi, the problem goes away and all works perfectly. The phone gets its traffic from cellular anyway at a gig, then re-starts wifi when it sees a friendly network at home, later. Other band members are far enough away to not cause a problem.