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Setlist Name being filled with Account Name when in Details

Started by gfhbass, October 03, 2019, 03:38:08 PM

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Hi...I am experiencing a problem with Setlist "Details" when I am logged into my BandHelper account via PC/Webpage.  If I go into "Details" of any "Setlist", the "Name" field is switched to my Account Name or Username (not sure which, since both are the same word).  This does not happen when I "Edit Details" via iPhone (version 4.0.7) or iPad (version 4.0.7). 

I have attached a screen shot, which shows the setlist name as my Account/User name.  Thanks...Grant


Do you have a password manager that's doing this? If so, you should be able to tweak its settings to stop that behavior.


Hmm, interesting.  It was my password manager causing the problem.  However, I use BandHelper all the time and this behavior has only surfaced in the last day or two.  Not sure what changed, but I will see if I can work around this.  Thanks...Grant


Okay. I haven't made any changes to the set list details edit page lately. I know that other users have seen similar problems and fixed it with a change in the password manager settings, but I don't know specifically what settings. (I use 1Password myself and haven't had this problem.)


Arlo...Thanks.  I use LastPass and the fix was very simple...


Would you mind posting the fix here for future reference?


I had same issue with LastPass. I think I was able to pull up an options list and chose "don't run on this site"

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