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Feature Request: windows/web client

Started by jfeniello, October 20, 2019, 07:48:56 AM

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Just curious if there's been any thought into making a windows and/or web based performance mode?   
I use the current web interface for alot of the maintenance of our content, then use ipads when we're rehearsing/playing live  (love it BTW).
But i've been thinking about using an MS Surface for my live device (for other reasons).  Currently i have an ipad on my mic stand for BH, and a laptop on the side for VST/keyboards.   
Switching to the Surface or just using a laptop as many have them onstage already to use band helper would be a great feature and eliminate a piece of hardware (in my case at least).   I'm sure you've thought about it, so just curious as to direction and if it's a possibility.  I assume the lyrics/set list part would be easy, but thinking about all the other features would be more complex (audio playback, midi, etc).  Maybe just an implementation of set lists/lyrics?



It would be a stretch to add performance functionality to the website because of limited multimedia capabilities, and because the website is oriented toward data management. And it would be a giant task to develop and maintain an Windows version of the mobile app. Some people have had success running the Android app in an emulator on Windows:


I use AndyRoid for some home practice use.  It's ok, plays audio and metronome etc. .  Not perfect but ok.