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Preview: Interface Updates

Started by arlo, October 24, 2019, 08:33:51 PM

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The survey I sent to users earlier this month identified ease of use as the most important area for improvement, so I've started testing some ideas for that. To preview the changes, you can turn on Help > Utilities > Test New Interface in the iOS or Android app. The October 23 release added:

- Flatter navigation structure. The account and project selection is now combined into a single menu, and the shortcuts are moved to the main menu. This means if you add your desired set lists or smart lists to the shortcuts, you can view them with two clicks: first select your project, then select your set list. So you can basically set up a "simple mode" for your bandmates by ensuring that the set lists you're using are in the shortcuts. (Dated items will appear there automatically, or you can click the Add To Shortcuts setting on an edit page to add it items manually.) If you want to access something that isn't in the shortcuts, you can click the module name (Repertoire, Schedule, etc.) to proceed to the submenu for that module.

- Unavailable modules are hidden. Currently, the main menu items that are unavailable in Basic and Plus accounts are still visible, but faded, with an explanation that appears if you click them. In this preview, these are replaced with an Upgrade button that describes the additional modules.

The October 30 release added:

- Simpler layout selection. If someone bypasses the shortcuts on the main menu and goes into the full navigation to view a set list or smart list that isn't in the shortcuts, the list of available layouts that used to appear after selecting a set list or smart list is now replaced with a single View button, which opens the set list or smart list with the last-used layout, plus a More Layout Options button, which displays the full list as before. This is meant to address the issue of someone getting to the layout selection step and not knowing what it means to select a layout. Basically, if you know what layouts are and want to select a different one, you can do that with one extra click. If you don't know what layouts are, or are using the same layout most of the time, you can just click View and be on your way.

- Set default layout explicitly. When selecting a set list or smart list from a shortcut, BandHelper immediately displays it with your default layout, which is simply the last layout you viewed. So you could change the default layout by going to a set list or smart list not through the shortcuts, and selecting a different layout, or by changing layouts with the Layouts button in the bottom toolbar of the set list view. Now you have an additional and perhaps more intuitive way to change the default layout, which is to go to Repertoire > Layouts > [layout name] > Edit Details and click the Set as Default button. In some situations, this could be an easier way to explain to someone how to change their default layout.

The November 26 release added:

- Easier menu shortcut setup. If you go to Repertoire > Set Lists, Repertoire > Smart Lists, Checklists > Checklists, Stage Plots > Stage Plots or Files > Files, you will now see a star icon next to each list item. You can click that to add the item to the shortcuts on the main menu. (This is the same as the Favorite setting on the corresponding edit pages.) Set lists for upcoming events are automatically added to the shortcuts, and those will appear in the list with a star icon that you can't change.

- Easier title shortcut setup. If you go to Repertoire > Set Lists or Repertoire > Smart Lists, you will now see a downward-pointing triangle icon next to each list item. You can click that to add the item to the title shortcuts in the set list view. (This is the same as the Title Shortcut setting on the corresponding edit pages.) This replaces the previous functionality of including the last five viewed set lists and smart lists in the title shortcuts.

- Assign set lists to users. You can now select specific users on the set list edit page. This will determine whether the set list appears for each user in the main menu shortcuts, allowing you to further customize the shortcuts. For example, you could set up a personal practice set list and mark it as a favorite but only assign it to yourself; then it will appear in your shortcuts without cluttering up other users' shortcuts.

Please post feedback here!


Arlo, I absolutely love this new interface.

I recall I asked about hiding the pro-modules when you first switched to the new payment-model and this exactly hits the spot.
The new design makes it much easier to navigate through and also less confusing for new users!

Definitely a thumbs-up from my side here.


Interface looks great - have one item I need your help on. When I change it to "Test Interface", all seems well: I can see all 5 of my projects  and it works when I go into any project.

However- on the "Projects" screen if I hit left arrow it shows me a "Projects" screen (Should Be Account Screen) and shows my account name that I can't click on and shows 1 of my projects. From there on, I can only see the one project.

To get back to all projects, I have to turn off "Test Interface". iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Air 2, both do the same.


You shouldn't see a separate Projects list anymore. Can you turn on Test New Interface from within a project, then force quit and restart the app and see if it works correctly when you start from the beginning with that setting on?


Did try that just now, also tried an iPad restart... no change.

From iPhone - first pic is normal display, second pick is normal display after left arrow, 3rd pic is left arrow after 'Test Interface' and I can't click on the Account name to get to any other project except Brooke.



Okay, the problem is that you registered your username with a capital letter but entered it on your mobile device in all lower-case. I'll update the project lookups on this page to not be case-sensitive. Meanwhile, you can check your username on the Account > Users page of the website and make sure it's entered the same way on the Settings > General Settings page of the app.


See the first post for a couple more changes added in today's release.


Does anyone have feedback on the "Simpler layout selection" item described above? I had another idea to mark layouts as favorites and then show all the favorited layouts after clicking Repertoire > Set Lists > [set list name], but I'm thinking the single View button plus the More Layout Options button will still be better for most users.


Are there any guesstimates when the new interface will be available on Android devices? I'm really looking forward seeing it in action.


Sometime in December would be a guesstimate. Thanks for your interest.

Awash (drums)

More Layout Options - good choice  ;)


Today's release adds a few more updates, which I've added to the first post above. All these updates are now available in the Android version, too. This completes the package of usability / navigation updates I have planned for the next feature release early next year. Please turn on Help > Utilities > Test New Interface to try it out and let me know how it works for you!


I tested the Android version on two devices. The results are pretty mixed:

Galaxy Tab A (2016), aka. SM-T585, running Android 8.1.0:
- UI is easier, thanks to the improvements
- some buttons do not work at all, for example the shortcut to an upcoming set list

Nokia 8.1 running Android 10:
- after turning on the new UI, opening the app results in a black screen with spinner in the middle of the screen (there is the add account button at top, but I can't add an existing account again)
- I had to reset BandHelpers app data from the phone to get it to work again

Please tell me if I can assist in resolving the issue.


Thanks -- these issues should be fixed in the new app version 3.0.12 released today.


Thanks, seems to work better after the update. I'll test more extensively later today.

As a side note, some other issues with Android 10 seems to be fixed too, like the transpose buttons cropping weirdly.