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Feature Adjustment: Don't reset song position when editing in Practice mode

Started by skress, October 30, 2019, 04:49:37 AM

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Hi Arlo,

Learning some new songs and reminded me about an annoyance that you may or may not be able to solve.  When learning new songs, I use the recording feature to play and loop songs in sections until I work them out.  Once I figure out a part, I go into the edit mode to add my notes (I think you added that option later... love it!).  However, when I save and go back to play the next section, the playback position resets to the beginning of the song, so I have to find the next section.

Is it possible to retain the current position/speed/loopback settings when bringing up and returning from edit mode?  It's easy enough to go back to the beginning of a song, so I'd think most folks would prefer it this way.

Another idea for a future enhancement would be to allow a user to add multiple markers to a recording that save with the song so that you can easily jump to a song position even once you've left and returned.



The whole song display reloads after editing the song, to make sure any new changes are displayed. This could include changes to the recording itself that would necessitate reloading the recording. I'm not sure if there would be a reasonably maintainable way to reload only the parts that need reloading. But I have also wished the recording could keep playing after the edit, so maybe the recording could only reload if the recording is changed. I can put that on my wish list.

I can also put markers in a recording on my wish list. Some people have asked for markers to be used for creating a sequence of loops and repeats for live performance, but for the less exacting purpose of finding a section to rehearse, this would be easier.


With yesterday's update, when you edit a song in the show view, a playing recording doesn't stop unless you edited some of the recording's parameters, like volume or pitch shift.

All of yesterday's changes are listed here: