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SOLVED: How to override chord-colours

Started by pheldal, November 30, 2019, 10:15:58 AM

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Brackets is the way to force the app to interpret the content in-between as chords, but is there a similar way to force it to interpret certain strings as characters?  Alternatively, for this specific case, is there a way to add a variety of colors to different chord-strings in the editor and have the chosen colors override the chord-colour that is specified in settings? Colour-changes made to individual chords within brackets are overridden by the chosen chord-colour.

Edit: The workaround is to add a single dummy chord in brackets within the lyrics or chords-field. That makes the app interpret everything else that is non-bracketed (chords like everything else) as ordinary text which is in turn is rendered with the colours that were added in editing. The downside is that you can not use transpose, but that is not an issue for my specific case.


Do you mean you want to use Settings > Appearance > Chords Color for some songs, but override it for other songs? In that case, I don't have a better idea than your workaround. Of course if you want to customize the chord colors for all songs, you can just turn that setting off.


As noted above I found a workaround while formulating my question and turned the post into a hint in case anyone else would wonder.

The case I was working on was a one-off, as follows: In an attempt to perform a very complex old hymn with a million chords it became hard to visibly keep track of the position within the mess inside the chords-field. The only solution we could find was to use different colours for each line/section of chords. A the same time we wanted to keep the accented colour for chords in all the rest of the songs in the database.

What I meant describing my idea of an ideal solution is that the app could render chords using colours (if any) specified within brackets to override the default set in preferences. It is still quite an editing-job to set color within each individual chord-bracket, but it would be possible to transpose the song when done.