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sysex/osc over bluetooth LE

Started by goneflyin2002, December 15, 2019, 10:11:59 PM

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Hi Arlo,
I'm working on using a microcontroller to send OSC strings received thru BLE to my new mixer, in order to change effects parameters whenever I select a new song.
Will BH send midi/raw MIDI over bluetooth, and do I have to enable that somewhere in the menus?  I've searched and am still not sure.
I used to send OSC/ raw midi over USB using an apple camera kit.  I'd like to do it now over bluetooth instead.
Many thanks,


Yes, you can click the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and click Connect to a Bluetooth Device and then the rest of the setup will work the same way as with USB.


Thanks Arlo,
Does the bluetooth device need to be a specific type?  Can't get my microcontroller bluetooth radio to be recognized by the BH software.

ps also, will it work with standard Bluetooth? (not LE)


My app uses the standard MIDI over Bluetooth protocol. You can read the spec here:

I don't think it works with Bluetooth versions older than 4.0 (LE).