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Tempo doubled in second device.

Started by Neill00, December 27, 2019, 07:45:55 PM

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In an effort to start simplifying my setup I'm relying on BandHelper to perform more functions for me. Up until now I've been using a different preset for each song on both my Line 6 Helix and my TC-Helicon Voicelive Rack. I've decided that I could get away with a handful of presets in each unit and just have BandHelper send CC messages to tweak some parameters along with the midi clock for tempo. 

This may just be a glitch because I was sure I had it working at some point but here's the set up and what's happening.  iPad via USB directly into the helix.  Then midi out (through) from helix to midi in on the voicelive rack.  Everything is working great except the tempo on the voicelive rack.  It's showing double.  So for instance if the tempo I have entered in for a song in BandHelper is 100 BPM, the Helix responds with 100 although they aren't really sync'd I'm still happy to have the right tempo but the Voicelive rack will be at 200  BPM.  Is it because it's reading from both devices? Is there a way to fix it?


Sounds like you've set the Helix to pass thru MIDI message (which includes clock) and you've also set the Helix to send MIDI clock.

In effect, the initial clock coming from BH is being picked up by the Helix and passed through, and then the Helix is generating another set of clock signals resulting in the VoiceLive seeing the double tempo.

Sounds like you're daisy-chaining your MIDI, so you'll need the Helix to keep passing MIDI thru. So, turn off the MIDI clock generation on the Helix and you should be good.  Global Settings -> MIDI/Tempo -> Send MIDI Clock ==> Off


Thanks, I'll check out the global clock settings on the helix.   I wouldn't think that would be on but who knows and it sounds like the most logical explanation.