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Limited size of document file import?

Started by Fibly, September 15, 2015, 01:07:10 PM

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While importing our band database in a zip file, the upload stopped and gave message "exceeded 4mb - upload failed".

Is there a limit?

We are trying to move from individual setlist maker to group band helper.


Set List Maker databases are not imported as zip files. What exactly are you uploading and on what page are you uploading it?


I am trying to upload our pdf tunes database into band helper.  It is the same data currently in our setlist maker ap on my IPad.
Thanks for the follow-up.

When attempting to import the .plist and error message pops up that states "The import file should be a zip file."  So I then followed the below instructions from your section 3 of "attaching documents" from your tutorial page.

3. If you have a lot of documents to add from the website, you can zip all the documents together into one file and then select it from the Batch Import form at the top of the Documents list. This will upload all the files and create an entry in the list for each document.

It was during this upload after 15 minutes or so the message popped up with restriction to 4mb.


If you want to upload a plist file that you exported from Set List Maker and you receive a message that the file must be a zip file, you're on the wrong page. Please see the instructions on the Account > Import page of the web interface.


I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough. I managed to successfully import the .plist file.  I'm at the step on the  Repertoire > Documents page. I click on the Batch Import button and choose my zip file. I click submit, and the percentage upload in the browser's status goes to 100%.  The page refreshes and I get the message "The import file was not processed because it exceeds the 4 MB size limit."  The zip file is 407M. Is there a different way to import the documents that don't hit the size limit? (Yes, our repertoire is large).


The limit for uploading a batch of documents is 500 MB. It sounds like you're on the Repertoire > Songs page, which has a 4 MB limit.


Old subject, but still topical.. I'm in Bandhelper>Songs>Batch Import....   same 4MB limit. I try to get bandhelper up and running in place of my setlistmaker. I'm used to organise everything in the computer and want to transfer all my .txt files accompanied by there .mp3 files uploaded to bandhelper, but what I thought would be a brilliant option seems to be not working for me at all. A test with two txt files and two accompanied mp3 files immediately crashed at the 4MB limit. 

Is there a way I can transfer all my data in a easy manner to the Bandhelper site?


The Repertoire > Songs page is for uploading a spreadsheet of song data and has a 4 MB limit. You need to go to the Repertoire > Recordings page to upload recordings or the Repertoire > Documents page to upload documents. Please see this page for more info. The last section covers migrations from Set List Maker: