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BandHelper on IOS don’t send MIDI?

Started by fredrik_b, January 12, 2020, 05:12:32 AM

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Hi all!
I recently got problems sending PC-commands from BH to my Nord Stage 3. Just switched from an older iPad Air, to my new iPad Pro with USB-C port and thought that might be the problem. But as it turns out, none of my IOS units are able to send Program Change Commands to my Stage 3 anylonger.
Anyone else have the same experience?
Best...   Fredrik


I'm pretty sure the problem is specific to your setup and not general to iOS. You can click the MIDI icon in the top toolbar and look at the Activity Log to see what MIDI messages BandHelper is sending. If it is not sending the right messages, it's a problem with your BandHelper setup. If it is sending the right messages, it's a problem with your connection to the keyboard or the keyboard setup.

You can submit a help ticket to troubleshoot your BandHelper setup: