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Auto Scroll Pre Roll default

Started by rdownton, February 03, 2020, 05:33:58 AM

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Is it possible to turn off the pre-roll on auto scroll for everything? Or at least set the default to 1 sec or something? If I need to view the document I use a foot controller to expand the document to full screen. My preference is to stop or start scrolling using my foot controller as needed. The only way I can tell the auto-scroll is working is by seeing it in action and the pre-roll doesn't help. I realize (only now after reviewing other posts) that I can start the auto scroll by moving the document but while I'm playing an instrument I don't always have a free hand to do that. I also use the foot controller to avoid interaction with the screen while I'm playing a song.

I tried a search to see if this topic has been covered but couldn't find anything.


You have a few options:

1) Change Settings > General Settings > Calculate Auto-Scroll Duration to Manual, then edit all your songs and enter an auto-scroll duration, and a pre-roll duration of 0.

2) Start auto-scrolling when the song starts (you can do this automatically when selecting a song if you want) and trust that the pre-roll is doing its thing and will start the scroll movements eventually. You can still pause and resume auto-scrolling, but this will save you one interaction by not having to start auto-scrolling initially after you've started playing the song. If you can't trust that auto-scrolling has started without seeing the button, you can use a layout with a document button rather than switching to full-screen where you can't see anything but the document. More info on that is here:

3) In you want to manually control the page movements, it might be easier to set up markers that you can jump to with a single button press, rather than pausing and resuming auto-scrolling. More info on that is here, in the second half of the video:


Option 1 - I'm doing this now. I was hoping for a way to set the default for pre-roll or do a batch update. If I import a batch of new songs I want to avoid having to modify each one. The reality is I usually forget to do that and only realize at rehearsal.

Option 2 - I don't always pull up the lyrics so this only applies when needed. I also use a foot switch to expand the lyrics to full screen when needed and prefer to start/stop auto scroll as needed with my foot switch.

Option 3 - The majority of my lyrics are a pdf so I don't think the marker route is an option. I use another program for manipulating my song sheets as they usually include lyrics and chords and then import into Bandhelper only for reference when playing with others or a band.

I guess I should consider changing my workflow with Bandhelper to import my song sheets as lyrics in the chordpro format rather than pdf. This would allow me to use option 3 and advance the sections as needed, which would probably work okay for me. If I do this for everything it would be a fair bit of work though considering how many songs I have in Bandhelper now and the current list of active projects.


1. Yes, that would be a lot of work, and it's not my recommendation because it's usually better to work with rather than against the app functionality.

2. You can still start/stop auto-scrolling manually if you prefer, but you should start it when the song starts and let the pre-roll do its thing. This would give the same result but would be easier than removing the pre-roll and then manually starting auto-scrolling after some time passes.

3. You can add markers to PDFs, too.


Thanks for the great support Arlo. You do a great job with Bandhelper and always willing to provide support and it's very much appreciated by your users. :)

The last comment I'll add here is I've been using Bandhelper and previous setlist maker for many years now and the only thing that I struggle with is having to deal with the pause when trying to use auto scroll. Based on how I interact with the app it doesn't really provide any advantage to me.

I'll try using markers to see if that works better. There wasn't any reference to pdf's in the video you linked to (or I missed it) so I assumed it wasn't available.

Thanks again for the great feedback.